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lost? dazed? confused? dont come here then as this aint goona help!!

A post a week

Going well isn't it.

I cant believe that not only did I fail two weeks into this but also missed putting something up the following week.

Sad fact is that I have a few draft posts that should have just been finished and pushed up here.

things like a review on Designing web interfaces master class, a video from O'Reilly as a follow up to the book review of starting html.

A review of the kindle and how good it really is.

Working with ruby, rails and RVM

Me training again and doing random domestic things like cooking.

Normally I would come up with some lame excuse because I have been out drinking all the time but here is the bad thing I haven't this time, I have really been working and, as stated above, doing domesticated things like cooking. I am even scaring myself.

So sadly nothing exciting at the moment but I will finish off a few posts soon to make up for my failure. In the mean time I'm off to finish a customer web site I'm working on.

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