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Another long time in coming

Yep been a while and why? the arm, finishing old job, doing some manual labour, starting new job and then a month of the autumn internationals.

There you have it..

Oh you want some more detail

I was finally released from my plaster 6 weeks (one plaster green, sprayed blue cause it was minging when I needed to go for a job interview and then replaced a week later, black just in case it was going to stay on for the internationals) after having it put on, 9 weeks in total and after a trip to the physio this week I am now fully discharged, just need to keep doing certain strengthening exercises. So that's one big hassle out of the way.

Autumn internationals. After the sensible idea last year of Japan and the lets spend a months wages in 5 days, this time we stretched it a little further, four weekends, four games. Week one, single day in Twickers. Week two, Friday 1st class train up and night Newcastle, Saturday first class train to Edinburgh to be met by a tray of whiskey from the fine man that is Jim, Sunday train back. Week three fly Dublin, some return Sunday, some lost possibly never to be seen again. Week four, 9am start in Sheppards bush, Limo to Cardiff, return pickup 2am, still drinking at 5am, dead all day. As you can imagine, being with the boy means lots and lots of booze consumed, feeling like death just before kick off in scotland but still drinking through. A broken man by 9 pm in Dublin on the Friday night, enough to earn me the nickname 1/2 pint and then having to get my old man to buy more booze before we even got to Cardiff in the limo.

And so to jobs, left the last place, done dusted happy. Still have to pick up my leaving present but hoping Chris will meet me half way somewhere, they want their well worn and broken laptop back but working on that as it is so nice and customised even with the broken screen. A quick week of refurbishing toilets in Graffiti and then helping Libby out on the clear out of her new place. It was amazing to actually do some physical work once again in my life and the plaster cast didn't get in the way or destroyed too much :)

New job, working for a startup with very big ambitions on a very cool concept. Obviously not allow to say what or for whom at the moment but e technology is amazing and it so nice to be put n a position where pretty much everything is new to me and I'm having to learn on the fly. As ever everything I say on the blog is purely my own thoughts and opinions and in no way should be related to what I am doing for my job or where I work but there is certainly so many cool things that stuff will shortly be appearing on here. Much mundane things like installations and configurations (like a little write up about Ruby Version Manager (RVM) as I've just do it) through to scaling a site that might possible need to working with millions of visitors daily. Excited?? Well I don't care cause I bloody well am :)

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