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Book Three: The Temporal Void

You might find a few more regular updates on books. While I took a head start because I had chosen three books that had tiny text and a very large number of pages and had no idea how much time or how quickly I could read, I have discovered, I can read very quickly if they book pulls me in. More on this in the next book review.

Book three is the second book in the Void trilogy by Peter F Hamilton. This book is another great tomb, even more pages than the last and still with tiny text. Although it is once again this huge size, it was only the weight of the book that was disconcerting, after how well the first book read.

Early on the book starts to build up the link between Edeard (the waterwalker) and the void and how that all ties in with the living dream and now the second dreamer. We still have no clear view of what, if all of the dreams were released into the nests, just that Inigo had dreamed twelve dreams in total. THere is still so much going on with all the factions and what each of their spies and agents are doing and how things are interlinked that it takes a while to put everything in place now and again. The greatest part of the book is working through the dreams that Inigo had about the Waterwalk, how his life story played out and what he found out about what he could do and how he was so intertwined with the city. All of this giving you just a few pieces more of the puzzle that ties into events that are happening in the present period.

Once again, this is an amazing book and certainly Hamilton has, not only kept his focus but possible upped his game another level in this part of the series. The whole life story of Edeard and how he as the Waterwalk lived through life, how he grew and then learned what he was in the world, is something that most authors could only dream of writing as a story on its own. Here is Hamilton, taking something so amazing that it could stand out there as a book in its own right and making sure that it interlaces with this amazing complex story around humanity and humanity that has branched off in so many different directions it very hard to comprehend and how all of this is affecting interactions and relationships with alien species. Just writing that sentence was hard enough, so really full credit for writing a book, no three books, that deliver all of this information and in an entertain and truly gripping way. It really is a page turner, something that became more obvious to me when I moved onto my next book for this challenge (more about that in a post very soon). It really, not only lived up to expectations but exceeded them. I really hope that the flow keeps going for the final installment. I'm sure it will and I'm pretty sure, despite the huge length of all his books, I will be a fan of his work and catch up on all his other books for the foreseeable future

So you will certainly need to have read the first book but this is one that I can truly recommend, they both have been so far. The kind of books that you take on a relaxing holiday, start reading them and then dont want to go out for an evening because it has its hooks in you, a sure fire page turner.

The Temporal Void
Peter F Hamilton

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