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Book nine: HBR's 10 must reads on Emotional Intelligence

I did say that I would avoid work books, I should clarify, I am going to directly avoid computer books. While that last statement isn't true, I'm just not writing about them.... This book might be work related but there is no reason that everything that I gained from it can't be used on a daily basis.

So why this? Drive was very interesting, looking at how teams and employees can be motived, should be motived, so that they will have a happy and productive job. This is something personal, help me to try and improve myself to help deliver a happy and productive team.

This, as the title sort of gives away, is a combination of what HBR consider the 10 best articles that they have published on the subject of emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence? The knowing and understand your own emotions and then how that translates into managing relationships in an empathetic manner.

This was a great choice as a follow on from Drive. Drive being focused how how great teams need to function and how to deliver good work yourself, this focuses on how you manage your soft skills to get the best from those around you. It comes from many different angles things that appear to work, how to get more information from others as to how you affect people and through to when you know where your weak points are and then how to make sure you put measures in place to help you improve them.

At a crossroads in where I want to go it was a great read for me. It showed where I might get assistance to confirm what I believe my weak points to be and then a few articles later, how to make sure I put them in place. The articles in between confirming how emotional intelligence affects teams and companies and how to get the best from it.

A very enlightening read and if you are in any way leading a team well worth the read.

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