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Can't miss August

I have already missed at least one month, totally going against everything I wanted to do blogging wise but, as always, things have been super mentally busy. The big difference this time is that I realise it's mostly me that is causing it.

So what have I been up to this time?

Contract extension, always good. Crafts, lots of fun but adding to the long list of things that I want to do but might be good for the other business. Finally I have settled on a language, Python. Having written my first script (well it might as well be my first it's been years since I last looked at python), it does, to me anyway, fit nicely between some of the awkwardness if Perl and the great to code but insane to deploy, scale and manage Ruby.

Rather than dump everything into one post I will try to get some photos and post some of the craft stuff up and the very first T-shirts produced by the 2 Taffs and a Doris brand! Then will see what I can do about showing some of my coding.

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