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Codeweek, where I am and what I've been doing

Well code week, didn't get any further than day 4, mostly down to interviews, all of which came from me not even trying to get a job. Pretty good situation to be in. I did actually manage to secure another contract for a large media company. Good for the CV and its currently giving me lots of experience with Salesforce and also remedy. That obviously killed the whole code week thing as I just haven't had time to do much since I started there.

A few things that I have managed to get going were 15 litres of red wine. Certainly no Cheatau Pape du Nerf but something that appears to be getting better as time moves on. I suspect it will be at its best in about 4 months and will need to be consumed very quickly. After bottling that I started up a batch of elderflower cider, 5 gallons of the stuff. Lets hope it tastes good or its going to hurt a lot having to drink that much rubbish. Hopefully will get to bottle that early next week. All of the brewing, and the realisation that it isn't really that much of a time consumer now I'm in most nights of the week, has really got the passion for brewing going again. Having done many forms of wine and cider before, this time, I decided beer was the way forward. Mostly so I could find something that a lady friend would drink, she still bets that there will be nothing that can convert her!! To make that a little easier I visited a <a href="" title="Cheers wine making and brewing" target="_blank">local brewing supply shop</a>. Here I met Paul who was very willing to answer anything around brewing that I could ask. From him I found out the kind of equipment that would be required and most of it being home made got me even more interested. Also Paul runs a practical mashing course on a regular basis, I signed up immediately. It looks as though this brewing thing is a double win, cool amounts of engineering and making the brew. The first thing I am going to make will be something from the Brooklyn Brew Shop book

Programming has also changed, after an introductory conversation with a large internet firm, it was pointed out that possibly C, Python or Perl might be a better choice. Ruby out (for now anyway) and in with Perl to start ( I have a mentor who can help me) and then to top all of this off my raspberryPi arrived. What a perfect place to start playing.

I have an idea of what I want to try with it and will hopefully document that via this site!

If your interested in any pictures you can find them here...

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