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Day 11 100 Days of code

So, expected this one to be a walk in the park, boy was I wrong. I have used and built a lot of databases in my time but have always avoided using ORMs, much for the fact in most languages they used to be shit. As this is all about learning I decided that following the guide and going full on with SQLAlchemy was the only way to get over my fear....

Not lost the fear but I can certainly understand why developers would use it as opposed to playing with raw SQl. I dont think I am going to be building anything where the queries that it writes are going to be tested in any way shape or form but that level of abstraction creeps me out. I belive the one cool thing about using sqlalchemy is you can mix and match between generate and custom written queries.

One thing that does interest me is the migration tools, I have worked in a role where this was used by developers but only to show what needed to be changes, they were all very skilled in sql so would take that info and fall back to writing raw scripts, this always made me even more suspicious for this kind of tool, but it interesting to play with.

This learnt

for small sites, and early development the ability to migrate and fall back your database is a cool thing

Things confusing me

Back links and writing complex queries using sql alchemy Not really confusing, but its been a while since I last played with relational databases and translating that into an ORM syntax will just take some extra study

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