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Day 12 100 Days of code

A little break from the tutorial but some work to try and reenforce what I had been learning. I am part of a player faction on elite dangerous. I say part, I have only actually played a couple of hours, the rest of the time of my involvement has been developing tools for them. So there is a need for a new site around mission information, the part that does the upload was done by someone else but the API and datastorage I dropped in ages ago.

Currently it follows my normal serverless stack of api gateway and lambda function and all the data thrown into dynamodb, sadly it would appear that the way we want to manipulate the data would make it quite expensive. If this was work, all other things considered, it would stay as it is, but moving the data into a small relational db will save a load of cash in the long term.

So that made me realise that what I had just been doing was a perfect way of doing it. This has meant that I have been building models and setting up flask, as per the example I am working through. Sadly, hit the wall of a bug with it saying that app cannot be imported. As it was now much later than I would normally stay up, decided to park it for the evening and return ASAP.

There was a lot more coding tonight than other nights, mostly because there is more complexity in the data being stored but also because it wasnt reading a lot of things, just trying to remember why thinsg had been done and how to link everything together!

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