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Day 7 100 Days of code

While waiting for things to build in work, I took the opportunity to do another pybytes byte. What is pybytes you ask? Pybytes I a great resource for learning python. Articles, challenges, courses and lots of other things. Recently they have added something they have called bytes of py, this will be released as a subscription service and allows you to build your python skills directly in the browser with feed backs from prewritten tests, you pass the tests and they then show you the solution they applied. There are a few open to anyone at the moment and its been great for me. I can do the easy and medium but the supplied solution shows my how much more work I have to do to make my code more optimal and quite often more pythonic. That was about 15 minutes of my required 30. Check out the bytes and sign up here

Feeling better today, straight back to the flask tutorial. To start no user loader was fixed with a simple restart of the server. That got me flying along and it wasnt long before all the code was clean and the bugs were all fixed.

Chapter 6 user profiles, liking what we are doing here

Things learnt:-

first_or_404 A very useful extension on the get first from a query Gravitar is really easy to use to get a user avatar Just hash the email address!

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