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Earlsfield code week day 4

What about day 3 I hear you say?!?

Well day 2 ran a little later than I had expected (basically I kept reading well into day 3), so day 3 didn't wake up until much later than expected. I also had a fair few things to do and with interruptions from agents calling me about different roles, it never really got started and was abandoned.

But we are back with the program for day 4, once again issue with a lack of phone, telephone interviews for different roles (now you see why the lack of phone was an issue!) and then my need to go for a run did slow down the start but here I am firing on on cylinders.

A nice easy ride through the Standard types, although some nice highlights around Strings but then it was onto regular expressions.

Anyone who has used them will know how great and useful they can be while also being one of the most annoying things to write ever. The numerous books that I have read about programming or systems administration or deployment methods, normally include something on them and it is always a chapter that I read. Sadly I don't get the need to use them often enough to be able to remember them as I would like but the one key thing to remember is that


will return a not null as the * modifier will return on zero or more instances

Ok this has been stored in my drafts folder for weeks now. Have decided to just push it up as is. There will be bad spelling and grammar but I'm going to push another post today anyway!!

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