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Film 11, Whitehouse Down

Yep I know this is week 23, yep I know I'm a little bit behind and yep I know that there has suddenly been a flurry of posts about the films that I have watched. Give me a break I am rebuilding a house don't you know?!? Oh, no, you don't. more to come about that in another post though.

Back to the point of this post. Whitehouse down, it so bad its amazing. There are so many things that are just wrong, you're in one of the most heavily armoured cars in the world, this thing eventually gets turned over but survives an RPG attack, yet it couldn't drive through a gate. I could continue in that vein about many many many things but I wont. Why, You ask? All because of the humor and the fact that they really do not appear at any point to take the film seriously, well the story at least. Fair play to all of the actors and the director, not sure if they ever intended to make it like that but it did truly make my day for that. If Channing Tatum is going to do more entertaining moves and less girly claptrap, this is the kind of way he should play them all of the time. A full congratulations from the other half as well, even she said it was amazing. Please run out and buy now for all the glory that it is.

4.5 out of 5

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