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Film 13 Elysium

The Earth in the future, where the rich and able are living in a space station called Elysium. Machines that scan them to prove that they are a citizen and then fix all their ailments with a simple sweep of the body.

While Earth is overcrowded, all of the cities have fallen into rack and ruin. Many people are sick, ill and injured and just trying to get by. Our hero (well you knew he was going to be a hero its a film), he is just trying to get on with his live. On parole due to being a naughty boy, working at a factory building the robots that protect the citizens of Elysium while managing those on Earth. He is asked to go back to work with his old crew but avoids it until an accident at work means he needs them.

I don't know I might be getting jaded, possibly even distracted as many of these films are all the same, slightly different location or time line but are all pretty much the same. Big boss fighting to keep people oppressed, using badass people to keep the good down. Throw in a woman and a child and the hero will do anything and it all works out in the end. Sometimes the hero dies sometimes not. This was certainly in that category and didn't add anything exciting about the process of tell the story.

A little bit disappointing for me as all the descriptions on sky and all of the images gave the impression of something exciting, fast a gritty. It was ok but it just plodded along, so can only give it the average

2.5 out of 5 from me.

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