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Film 18 John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

I had seen this film ages ago but had forgotten what it was really like. It was on sky downloads so I thought I would take full advantage, its got Ice Cube in it and he was great in 21 Jump street, so its got to be good? right....?

15 Mins in and it all comes flooding back to me. It is really awful but somehow now, due to how bad it was then, the way the definition on TV's has improved, it just draws you in. All of the special effects are something akin to children's TV Puppet shows of the 80's and I'm thinking something like Terrahawks here. Not putting two and two together with the title being what it is. I had assumed that they had taken an old Sci Fi story and converted it but the first thing you find out is that it was actually written and directed by John Carpenter. my oh my.

He managed to pull in an amazing cast, actors who already had an excellent pedigree and other who go on to some amazing things (I'm obviously excluding Jason Statham from this as I don't think he actually acts, he is just being himself as he never changes from film to film). This, if it wasn't for the fact that it's John Carpenter and the fact he spent $28 Million making it it would be the perfect B movie. Go into watching the film with that in mind and you will love it.

4.5 stars, yes, yes, yes do watch it

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