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Film 38 Hocus Pocus

After having my mind numbed watching Petes Christmas and still being really knackered I was looking to fill the next bit of the afternoon with something as easy on the brain but not as bad as that was. There are a lot of films on demand, I hadn't actually looked this hard before, there was just so much

So I got to the point of just choosing something. Hocus Pocus was that choice, it had Bette Midler in it, always a good choice for something fun but also Sarah Jessica Parker, old horse face herself, thought it would be fun to have a giggle at her before she was in sex in the city

That wasn't the only shock, the films starts off quite quickly and I'm looking at the main character thinking I really recognize his face. Turns out it is Sean Murray, or more widely known these days as McGee in NCIS. That was a bit of a chuckle from the start

The film isn't complex, which was exactly what I was looking for but it was interesting, fun and pretty entertaining. A story around witches getting caught and the clever sister casting a spell that kept them alive just waiting for a candle to be lit by a virgin. They were already working on eternal life, they just needed a child. Jump to the modern day, a boy showing off to impress a girl, a legend of a story and suddenly you have a film

A jolly little film, no brain strain but still a good watch.

Give it a go, it wont hurt, it wont make you think differently 3 out of 5 Stars

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