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Film 41 - Mean Machine (1974)

One of the up sides to a level of insomnia is that it gives you much more time, admittedly time that you would normally be asleep, recovering from a days work and allowing your body and mind to function normally, but still it is more time. Having lived with this a fair bit in my life I now know that trying to fight yourself back to sleep is the worse thing that I can do, so I generally try a couple of techniques that I have picked up over the years but if they fail I will just behave as if I'm awake so reading, TV, a bit of work, never anything that really involves the computer as I know that I will never get back to sleep.

So with a big weekend of insomnia how did I spend the time..... Movies!

The last film, Aftermath, was the first in this weekend but the timing of its finish was also amazing. I have been hunting for a copy of this film, just to show the better half as she had never seen it but it is so much better than the modern remake, which was pretty good itself

Mean Machine (1974) - Burt Reynolds, people of a certain age ( well mine or older) will know that if a film has Burt Reynolds its going to be bloody good and I personally think this is one of the best.

He is flung into prison, warden gets him to create a team, warden makes promises, warden lies and Burt makes him look like a dick but there is so much extra that makes it an amazing film and its simplicity makes it easy to watch, you are fighting for the good(well bad, possibly, as they are prisoners) right from the start.

Its simple, you know how the story is going to go right from the off much like with most films of that era, there are no amazing special affects, it is just a beautiful, simple, well written, well filmed and funny film that makes great family viewing, something to show the kids of a bye gone era that they will love

5 stars out of 5, can you tell I love this film?

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