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Film 42 - SWAT

Third film of the morning, who says insomnia is a pain...

Following the story of a swat team, starts setting the story, two partners, one very gung ho, one close but not quite as bad, getting into a bank, they ignore orders and end the hostage situation but an innocent victim gets shot. Say hello to the captain, who hates them already an, just to make it worse, is far more concerned about how he appears to the public rather than actually doing police work. One cop quits, one gets busted down to the cage, the story moves on a bit

This is the point that, like the Burt Reynolds appearing moment, you know its going to be a great film, in walks Samuel L Jackson, oh yeah...

A hated man but brought back as he is one of the best at what he does, fights to be allowed to pick his own team, compromises with two given to him and the rest he has selected himself, including Jim Street ( who is played by Colin Farrel), pulled out of the cage.

So they are all pulled together to start training (we now also have LL Cool J as well), the captain still making their life hard, they know they have to be amazing. The story starts to build, a french man, a murder and an arrest, for of all things a broken tail light (full on Hollywood cheese), only to find he is one of the most wanted people in the world. Not only is he one of the most wanted people in the world, he is also part of a family that is one of the richest. He realises that prison isn't really for him but also knows that he isn't getting out of there via legal, conventional means so lets throw in the offer a lot of money, shouted out across the world via the TV cameras filming him as he is transferred, for anyone he breaks him out.

They have to move him to a more secure facility, he has made this offer, they need S.W.A.T. just to make the captain look good....

So the film goes on, I'm not going to say much more as that would spoilt it, although, I suspect, you can guess a big chunk of what will happen. This was a very good film, third of the day and it still kept me entertained, actually I was surprised as to how good it was and how much it kept my focus

I would certainly recommend this for a watch, not as wild gun fights as I was expecting and built up through a solid story line, certainly kept me entertained despite the lack of sleep and it being the third film of the day

4 out of 5 Stars, worth a watch

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