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Film 44 - Getaway

Well at least I'm not in bed watching this, I have actually made it to the settee but still, thank gob for Sky movies anytime. How did we survive without it?

Now this was a good film, I suspect that some of my like for it can be direct attributed to just how hanging I was while watching it but it was a film for that condition, you know the one, Sunday afternoon after a good session where you don't want to think complex, metaphysical, psychological suggestions for what might be ture or not or to get the "truth" of the film. What we are talking here is hackers crossed with xxx crossed with fast and furious. This is not complex, its not supposed to be, this is entertainment and entertainment fast, loud and exciting. Brute force and ignorance is the way forward for a tired, hungover Sunday afternoon.

So what is it about? A retired racing driver has his wife and child kidnapped and he is set a task to complete if he wants to get them returned to him unharmed, this grows from a single task to a huge series of tasks, that also means he gets to drag along the owner of the cars that was stolen in his first task.

The girl is techy genius and realises her fathers bank is connected and various other things are indicators that it might more be aimed at her than the poor guy whos wife and child are being held to ransom.

Still, exactly the film I needed, lots of cool driving, action, a bit a tech but nothing really complicated so you could still follow along.

Good enough for a watch 3 Stars

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