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lost? dazed? confused? dont come here then as this aint goona help!!

So why another blog??

I've grown up.

Not that many of you can see from the outside as I'm still behaving the same but somewhere deep deep inside something has changed.

That change was first introduced by me resigning from my role as the security engineer at that there government thing I work for (no names as it saves the hassle but the only people likely to be reading this know exactly). Why is this the starting of being grown up, well I have no job to goto currently but my time had passed at the organisation. Everyday was becoming more and more frustrating and I could see a Michael Douglas "Falling Down" moment approaching.

They have been an amazing employer that has allowed me to grow and exposed me to so much technology while also forcing the geek to behave by often plonking me right in front of normal people and making me explain why the pretty maps they want to see on a web page cannot be seen 5 minutes after they suggest it. Often they tell me that they are sure that google could do it that quickly!!

So it is with sadness that I leave but also excitement of what, if anything, is ahead (and I really hope something is or the landlady will be very unhappy

So that was phase one of adulthood and while still under the warm fuzzy glow of doing something good, I finally succumbed to Twitter.

Now spending a little time on there since first signing up when it was nothing but a twinkle of excitement, has made me realise how much more social the internet really has become.

Using Twitter it is possible to push and pull bits of information from everywhere and move it on to others very quickly. More importantly I opened my eyes to what other geeks were doing out there and the fact it appears that we are once again socially acceptable.

So my aim with this blog is to actually push out all the cool things I want to do and as a self employed person will have to do as much of it depends upon my future employment. There you go another little step in the right direction of growing up by admitting I might actually have to do a little bit in my personal life other than party!!

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