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lost? dazed? confused? dont come here then as this aint goona help!!

So why the sudden silence?

As you might have seen, of late I have been pretty good at firing out new posts. No so much now, firstly, the house building is back on, lots of wiring, plastering and painting. Secondly, I now have a personal trainer who is putting both myself and the misses through our paces. Finally and this is the big one Wordpress is shit...

Its been shit for years but it was easy, as you know I have jumped around back and fore but finally, something as simple as getting https working correctly is so difficult unless you are hosting in the most basic way I have finally said fuck it and I'm leaving. So this is the last post on this platform.

I have been wanting to learn flask for a while and I have played a little bit so I see this as a perfect opportunity to do something about that. I come back to the house building so it might take a little longer than I want so there might be an interim solution (pelican) but either way until one or other is in place then this will be my last post.

I have most of the basics in place of a simple blog, just need to migrate to a better database rather than the sqlite I was using in my initial build, so lets hope a get a few evenings to get it out there.

Sorry world but even version 4 is a failing. Lets hope I can get back to you soon!!

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