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TV Binge or real time

There has been a lot of debate around how we will watch TV in the future. Since the introduction of companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime (previously Love Film and I believe it was a far better service then), Hulu and such, there has been a regarded change in the way that many people are watching TV series.rnI must admit that I am certainly one of those that has discovered the pleasure of "binge" viewing. A recent example being Broadchurch season 1. You get to keep the flow of the story going, there is no annoying wait, and then possibly missing the next episode if you forget, where there is a huge cliff hanger. There is no mid season, just stretching it out, break. Something not only annoying but also bloody stupid because you often forget some of the small subtle things that have happened that can make all the difference. Watching Broadchurch as we did and just a couple of weeks before season 2 was great fun, all the little twists and turns, the little things that tied episodes together, it kept us guessing all they way through, with changes of mind based more on the subtle things than the obvious. That made an already awesome something even better. This is not the first series we have tried this with and they all, in my mind anyway, appear to work better like that.

So am I saying that the future should be all streamed, large library based? Until recently I would have said yes. I spent so little time watching Tv that everything was just a focused on what I wanted to watch, rather than "So whats on TV" (normally nothing and all shit even with the millions of channels we have). This was because I was doing all sorts of things and spare time was a scarce resource not to be wasted. Just recently I have come to realise that its not true. What ever happens we need to keep the stream of TV. Why you might ask? I will tell you.

In the way that I have been spoilt by binge TV, what I want and now, I have exactly the same with music and music is far more important to me. I spend most of my time streaming the music I want. Mostly while working, which is exactly the time I need to concentrate. In the past, at times I just wanted noise I would have put the radio on, just something to tick along in the back ground to fill the room but not distract me, sadly thats no longer possible as most stations repeat things far to often. "But its just background noise" I hear you shout, yes it should be but, this could be my age, there are more irritating songs than I can remember in any other period of my life. I'm pretty easy going in my listening choices, I've even been known to nod my head at the occasional One Direction song, but I'm finding there is so much rubbish and its distracting so i've had to eject that. Why not stream when I'm in this situation? Not a chance, the difference between what I listen to and the "jazz hands" gleeness that the misses listens to, she would kill me...

So where is all this leading? I love my streaming services and I think so much more time will be spent watching those as opposed to current Live TV, not just be myself but the world over, but I still need the spewing nonsense just for a back ground fill and for something to watch as I fall asleep and I need my brain to switch off.

Long live normal TV!!!

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