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The Delivery Man, film 3, and Yawn

Catching up here a little bit, not been lax in seeing films but very lax in getting them onto the internet.

Film 3, The Delivery Man.

Not having had a date night for quite some time and it being the anniversary of our first date we decided to hit the cinemas. January is a bad time for films, especially the middle of Jan. The only thing that really stood a chance of both of us liking was the delivery man, mostly because all the rest looked really awful and this one had Vince Vaughn in it so was deemed to have the possibility of being funny.

Sadly I was wrong, we knew where it was going straight away, the idea behind the story was set out quickly add that to the title boom, you know that it's all going to be great in the end and they will all be one (very) big happy family. We were there in for the laughs now..... sadly they didn't come. I am afraid to say it was one of those films where the trailers were enough, actually I can imagine they were struggling to get good snippets for the trailers.

I certainly wouldn't recommend actually watching the film. Save it for a crappy Sunday afternoon where there is nothing else worth watching at all and you have other things to do.

I am going to give this a, possibly, over generous 2 out of 10 stars.

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