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lost? dazed? confused? dont come here then as this aint goona help!!

Welcome to FTF!!

So here it is, my own built cms blog system and it has been named FTF.

As you know I was fed up with wordpress and had been looking around for a replacement. While at the same time as all of this I have been working on my python and had recently come across flask, a python based web framework. A lot of the examples are all for a blog, nothing like this and all a bit annoying but it kicked off the idea, why don't I build my own.... Here we are and what fun its been. Don't get me wrong its no where near finished, in fact I know I am making this live with an issue that I thought I had already fixed but in this agile world, deliver often as long as what you deliver works.

I still have a long list of things I want to add in, frontend stuff is things like comments and all the nice things that you would want to bolt on but most of those will be a long way away yet as much of the back end still needs to be build, it only just has the ability to add a post.

If you have any suggestions email me or ping me on github',1,1,' ')

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