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Well been gone for a little while and once again its a work issue mostly, although the new years resolutions have come into effect. The secret one actually started a lot earlier than I expect and has been going very well for sometime. Nope still not going to say anything as to what it could be but some people might be able to guess. The learning two languages this year has really just kicked off. The job at tagman, working on chefing their full deployment, really got me back into programming. I think that ruby is truly wonderful and thanks to my Ruby Guru, Nathan, it got me excited about code and for the first time ever I really am starting to get to grips with OO code. SO that became an obvious choice for language one. My coding goes back a long way, so far back that machine code can be mentioned and I will fondly remember tying in QBert machine code from a magazine listing. It's these thought back, and reading a recent rant from Linux Torvalds that made the decision on the second language, C (no not C++, yes just proper C). I think that these two should make a good combination, C is still so widely used and ruby, still currently in demand, will hopefully provide the true leap-frog into others such as Python and maybe even Perl. So in line with this new learning and currently being in between contracts I have made this #earlsfieldcodeweek . (not an originally idea, I nabbed it from Bobwho last week ran his own #croydoncodeweek). Things have not really gone that well today but here, I believe is the most important things that I have learned today.

Local VariableInstance VariableClass VariableGlobal VariableClass NameConstant Name

Local variables, method parameters, and method names should all start with a lowercase letter or an underscore. Global variables are prefixed with a dollar sign ($),and instance variables begin with an “at” sign (@). Class variables start with two “at” signs (@@). Finally, class names, module names, and constants must start with an uppercase letter.

Taken from the Pickaxe book as it is known. I'm hoping to drop on everyday of code week and provide a snippet of what I consider to be the most important things I have picked up, if not for you lot, at least for myself!!

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