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Film 39 R.I.P.D

Continuing the day of film watching and getting closer to being back on track (I still think I will get the 52 films in as I have a load of annual leave just before Christmas through to the new year).

more ... Published at: Wed 12 November 2014

Film 38 Hocus Pocus

After having my mind numbed watching Petes Christmas and still being really knackered I was looking to fill the next bit of the afternoon with something as easy on the brain but not as bad as that was. There are a lot of films on demand, I hadn't actually looked this hard before, there was just so much

more ... Published at: Tue 11 November 2014

Film 37 Petes Christmas

Once again, a weekend film and not my choice

more ... Published at: Mon 10 November 2014

So what's this about beer?

As I said in my previous post, to counteract my midlife crisis I am going on a learning spree. One of the things I want to learn about is beer. Why? just look at some of the other posts on this blog, check out my profile on untappd check the booze cupboard in my house.... Yes, I like a drop or gallon now and again.

more ... Published at: Mon 20 October 2014

Film 33 Goodbye World and film 34 Jobs and Film 36 Animal House

An evening and night on my own, no energy and not even the remotest idea of what to do as even that was going to take too much energy so, for the first time in a long time, just me and the TV, not even the computer I was that knackered. As you can imagine with today's lack of quality programming, there was fuck all on so to the movies on demand.

more ... Published at: Sun 19 October 2014

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