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What a great point of view

SO after my rant about Rockstars and how the term is so abused something a little more thoughtful.

more ... Published at: Sun 10 August 2014

Film 22 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

So the final film on my flight to New York. Not sure that seeing replays of the Twin Towers getting destroyed in the 9/11 attacks is ever the best thing to see when you're sat on a plane that is heading directly to that city.

more ... Published at: Sat 09 August 2014

Film 21 Robocop

I did love this film when it was originally released so was doing the whole thing of not watching the remake incase it spoiled that illusion was destroyed. but, this was once again on a plane with not much else to do, with the recent success of sequels being good I couldn't hold out any longer.

more ... Published at: Thu 07 August 2014

Rock star developer/devops/brewer/anything.....

Ok this is one that I should set-up a rant blog for, not really something that I want to add to my happy positive helpful blog that I have here but it's just something I need to get off my chest.

more ... Published at: Wed 06 August 2014

Vino-server Ubuntu 14.04 using 100% cpu

I have a media server, a small HP microserver, hooked up directly to my TV. It a great little workhorse, moving from just being able to play music and media to running all sorts of things now.

more ... Published at: Tue 05 August 2014

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