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Film 11, Whitehouse Down

Yep I know this is week 23, yep I know I'm a little bit behind and yep I know that there has suddenly been a flurry of posts about the films that I have watched. Give me a break I am rebuilding a house don't you know?!? Oh, no, you don't. more to come about that in another post though.

more ... Published at: Wed 04 June 2014

Film 10, The Amazing Spiderman

A lets remake the remake.

more ... Published at: Wed 04 June 2014

Film 9 Captain America; The winter Solider

A forced trip to the cinema to see this one. It's terrible when the other half says that we have to go and see avengers based movies, you know a good rom com or general chick flick would be some much more fun.....

more ... Published at: Wed 04 June 2014

Film 8 World War z

Part of my "if I don't take a break I will die" film binge weekend. Not matter what I was going to choose it wasn't as likely to be as bad as After Earth. This was one that had showed great promise in all of the trailers that I had seen of late. Admittedly not that many trailers with how busy things had been but a couple.

more ... Published at: Tue 03 June 2014

Film 7 After Earth

So, before we start I think the good old fresh Prince is amazing. I actually liked a lot of his music before most people even knew he existed but, when it comes to his films I think they are either amazing, MiB and I am Legend being two examples, or utter pants, Hitch being an excellent example. Also I'm not generally enthused when famous people pull in their children to play parts, and, looking at all the trailers, it appeared that this was going to be pretty much just them through out, I wasn't rushing to get to this one but it was there on sky, I was knackered from all the work that was being done on aforementioned house and need some R&R, this was it.

more ... Published at: Mon 02 June 2014

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