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2010 to 2011

2010.... Spent too much money, 2011.... More running

more ... Published at: Sat 01 January 2011

Another long time in coming

Yep been a while and why? the arm, finishing old job, doing some manual labour, starting new job and then a month of the autumn internationals.

more ... Published at: Fri 10 December 2010

The progression of pain!

While it hurt but they couldn't make their mind up about it

more ... Published at: Sun 17 October 2010

A long time in coming

Yep took a little while to get this update in didn't it. First things first, have you got a techie job for me? if so mail me am now pretty much a free agent (give or take a couple of days mopping up a few things for people). So if you want a shit hot Architect/technical lead/systems administrator now is your opportunity.

more ... Published at: Fri 15 October 2010

So why another blog??

I've grown up.

more ... Published at: Thu 02 September 2010

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