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100 Days of code

I think the idea of 100 dys of code came about in 2016 and has certainly been gathering momentum over the past year. With the need to focus on a few particular things, I've decided now, the time is right. What rules do I play by though..

more ... Published at: Tue 16 January 2018

2015 to 2016 to 2017 to 2018

The long lost art of the yearly review has been rekindled. Lets have a look over the last one, done early 2015 and where I am and what I want to do this year

more ... Published at: Tue 02 January 2018

Building an Alexa skill

Following up on the talk of the alexa skills a quick walk through of how I build one

more ... Published at: Mon 18 December 2017

Alexa Skills

Absent from here but still busy, get your alexa Skills

more ... Published at: Sat 16 December 2017

Javascript learning 1

Working though yet another course on Javascript, these will be snippits of learning and thoughts

more ... Published at: Thu 14 December 2017

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