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Book Three: The Temporal Void

You might find a few more regular updates on books. While I took a head start because I had chosen three books that had tiny text and a very large number of pages and had no idea how much time or how quickly I could read, I have discovered, I can read very quickly if they book pulls me in. More on this in the next book review.

more ... Published at: Sat 07 March 2015

How to build a vagrant base box for Virtualbox

I have been using Vagrant for quite some time now, its certainly one of the quickest and best ways, with some other tooling, to get access to devs of production similar environments. For ages I have been tied to Ubuntu and by ages, since well before Vagrant existed.

more ... Published at: Mon 02 March 2015

Think Like a Freak

Book two for the year, not quite fiction but certainly not something I would say is work related. This is the third book from the duo of Dubner and Levitt but very different from their previous two Freakonomics books.rnrnrnWhile the others involve the pair discovering and arguing certain facts and outcomes this is all about getting people to think in the way that they have been for years and how both the original books were delivered. It gives little examples and bits of information to illustrate their points and the way that they will work, ideas of how to, as it says, think like a freak or in the way that they do. Small things, simple changes.

more ... Published at: Sat 28 February 2015

Phew, what a month!!

Ok, so its been quiet here, a book post and nothing else. The house, the reading and, finally, the new job has just killed the time off and I am bloody knackered.

more ... Published at: Sat 21 February 2015

The Dreaming Void: The Void trilogy: Book One

My challenge for the year. Just before Christmas an offer on Amazon came up for a trilogy set from a writer called Peter F Hamilton. Right at that point I had decided I need something to read and something physical... I feel that I'm actually more likely to read something properly if it is a real tree, I have a few other books by Hamilton (none read by me but given to me with a big recommendation), this offer was there staring me in the face so I went for it.

more ... Published at: Tue 03 February 2015

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