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Film 32 The wolf of wall street

Ok, I'm still a little behind but not bad considering all thats happened and is happening.

more ... Published at: Mon 13 October 2014

Time for a midlife crisis

Two weeks ago I hit 40, so here I am expecting a midlife crisis. Sadly, for all those that are looking to have a laugh, I think I'm through it already and know how to work on getting over it.

more ... Published at: Fri 10 October 2014

Welcome to FTF!!

So here it is, my own built cms blog system and it has been named FTF.

more ... Published at: Wed 08 October 2014

So why the sudden silence?

As you might have seen, of late I have been pretty good at firing out new posts. No so much now, firstly, the house building is back on, lots of wiring, plastering and painting. Secondly, I now have a personal trainer who is putting both myself and the misses through our paces. Finally and this is the big one Wordpress is shit...

more ... Published at: Tue 09 September 2014

Film 31 - The Lego Movie

I know that this is a movie aimed for kids, well I'm assuming that anyway as that's Legos core market. Still it's Lego and they do a lot of very geeky things that are for the more mature child and certainly cost enough that it is only likely to be the more mature that can save up enough pocket-money!

more ... Published at: Fri 05 September 2014

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