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A film a week - update

Well by now you will have seen 26 reviews from me, that brings about some concerns for me.

more ... Published at: Wed 20 August 2014

Film 26 - Sharknado 2 The Second One

My life is almost complete, I just need to see the first one.

more ... Published at: Sun 17 August 2014

Film 25 - Step up 2 the streets

Ok, certainly not my scene and I don't know if this genre has been influenced by the likes of JLS or if JLS exist due to the "coolness" of these films. With the other half being into dance, she did a lot when younger hence her appalling taste in music!!

more ... Published at: Fri 15 August 2014

Film 24 The Davinci Code

Well this was a shocker and very thought-provoking. I had missed this film during it most hyped times, trying hard to make sure that I read the book first. Sadly the book has sat on the shelf far longer than I expected. For once, in this house, the dust layer is from lack of use rather than all of the dirt from the building work.

more ... Published at: Wed 13 August 2014

Film 23 The Ruin

Americans, a Mayan temple and a wild weed bush with poppy flowers. This was going to make Ghosts of Mars look something amazing.

more ... Published at: Mon 11 August 2014

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