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A film a week - Film 1 Muppets in Space

A bit of a lie as we have decided that we can do them at anytime but me and the SO (well me) have decided that we should watch one film a week. This is mostly to get away from watching soaps but I think it should allow us (me) to see some films I have wanted but been blocked from seeing.

more ... Published at: Sun 05 January 2014

Spam comments

I get a lot of spam comments on her, not more than most site I suspect but the past main the has seen a huge increase.

more ... Published at: Wed 25 December 2013

Restart VM Guests from the CLI

Not having run Windows for a very long time now, the lack of a client for anything other than windows obviously causes some difficulty.

more ... Published at: Fri 27 September 2013

A busy day for booze

So today was the day I finally bottled my elderflower cider. Inital tasting is good but not as great as last years but I will let it chill and settle a bit before final judgement. 6% at a total cost of £1.45 / litre I'm still not going to complain when its easing the heat of the India summer we are going to have.

more ... Published at: Mon 26 August 2013

Renaming multiple files in one go

Another quick one because I keep forgetting the exact syntax, renaming lots of files from the command line

more ... Published at: Fri 10 May 2013

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