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I'm back!!

Ok due to issues with my last server things broke badly. Due to working a huge amount of hours migration took ages but I'm back and looking to start writing again.

more ... Published at: Sun 01 May 2011

Ask me anything

more ... Published at: Sat 05 February 2011

A post a week

Going well isn't it.

more ... Published at: Thu 27 January 2011

Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML

So having joined the O'Reilly blogger program I picked this as my first choice. Not wanting something to swamp me on my first attempt but also something that I would be able to understand to possibly make the reviewing process slightly easier.

more ... Published at: Mon 03 January 2011

Installing (K)ubuntu on a Dell Vostro V130

As I am now self employed I need a new laptop and just at the right time a friend came along with a price on the Dell Vostro V130 that I just couldn't turn down.

more ... Published at: Sun 02 January 2011

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