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Playing with docker part 3

CoreOS chosen and installed, as stated in the last post, don't expect it to be quick, I suspect it will depend upon the size of your disk but I kicked it off and went to bed after a few aborted attempts thinking it was doing nothing. A note to the developers, please find a way to tell us something is happening...

more ... Published at: Tue 27 October 2015

Playing with docker part 2

So, registry all up and running on Linux, information being passed in and out and everything looking very good. One small issue, that computer isn't always on, that computer isn't directly attached to the internet in anyway, I don't spend that much time on that actual computer. Now, if your wanting to use something to save you time, effort and bandwidth, I think all three of those would mark that option as a no go.

more ... Published at: Sun 25 October 2015

Playing with docker part 1

And we are finally, after a little detour due to time and energy, back to blogging about technical things. As the title has already said this is part 1 about docker but it's not going to stop there

more ... Published at: Sat 24 October 2015

Book nine: HBR's 10 must reads on Emotional Intelligence

I did say that I would avoid work books, I should clarify, I am going to directly avoid computer books. While that last statement isn't true, I'm just not writing about them....

more ... Published at: Thu 15 October 2015

Container Camp London 2015 Conference

A very interesting day at container_camp with lots of very interesting talks and a few interesting conversations had with vendors during the breaks.

more ... Published at: Tue 15 September 2015

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