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SO, big crash on my hosting server and very little time means that I didn't quite get the book post out that I had planned.

more ... Published at: Sat 31 January 2015

TV Binge or real time

There has been a lot of debate around how we will watch TV in the future. Since the introduction of companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime (previously Love Film and I believe it was a far better service then), Hulu and such, there has been a regarded change in the way that many people are watching TV series.rnI must admit that I am certainly one of those that has discovered the pleasure of "binge" viewing. A recent example being Broadchurch season 1. You get to keep the flow of the story going, there is no annoying wait, and then possibly missing the next episode if you forget, where there is a huge cliff hanger. There is no mid season, just stretching it out, break. Something not only annoying but also bloody stupid because you often forget some of the small subtle things that have happened that can make all the difference. Watching Broadchurch as we did and just a couple of weeks before season 2 was great fun, all the little twists and turns, the little things that tied episodes together, it kept us guessing all they way through, with changes of mind based more on the subtle things than the obvious. That made an already awesome something even better. This is not the first series we have tried this with and they all, in my mind anyway, appear to work better like that.

more ... Published at: Fri 16 January 2015

Are we missing something in IT?

Not my first post about the state of IT in the last twelve months and I doubt it will be my last but once again, this is all my own thoughts and opinions and certainly nothing to do with my employer or any clients I might work with. I really hope that t is something that changes or we might as well all give up hope, close our laptops and all head off home now.

more ... Published at: Fri 09 January 2015

The, as always, yearly review 2014

So here we go, a look at the aims for the past year and what I think I should be aiming for over the next twelve months

more ... Published at: Tue 06 January 2015

Film 52 - This is the end

So, here it is, the final film required for my challenge. "But you didn't make it" I can all here you shouting. No I did I just haven't written about it yet, the reason why will be in my next post, my usual last year this year that all us bloggers appear to have to do and I have now done for many a year

more ... Published at: Mon 05 January 2015

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