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New Start

So a update on the 100 days of code might have taken a lot longer than expected, like 5 years longer.

A quick update,

I have changed jobs more times that most people have had hot dinners. I am now super happy at the largest opensource software provider in the world, working on cloud things.

I have moved house, and counties and latitude... Im proper northern, as far as I am concerned (Its only the midlands really)

I have another child, that starts school in September

My coding has improved.... Want to book a coworking space in |stafford|?

Once again I aim to post a bit more, part of this is, once again, is about my learning journey.

Thngs that havent changed:

My spelling and typing, although I am currently blaming that on the fact that I have a brand new split keyboard and they keys are too heavy after years of tapping mac keybaords

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