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Day 4 100 Days of code

Chapter 3 finished and Chapter 4

more ... Published at: Sat 20 January 2018

Day 3 100 Days of code

Chapter 3 of the flash tutorial continues

more ... Published at: Fri 19 January 2018

Day 2 100 Days of code

Need to get away from work powershell and into python for a task tomorrow, what better way that the flask tutorial

more ... Published at: Thu 18 January 2018

Day 1 100 Days of code

Day one, the website gets it, along with other things

more ... Published at: Wed 17 January 2018

100 Days of code

I think the idea of 100 dys of code came about in 2016 and has certainly been gathering momentum over the past year. With the need to focus on a few particular things, I've decided now, the time is right. What rules do I play by though..

more ... Published at: Tue 16 January 2018

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